Rowupdating in gridview example

I have set up in the code for my Grid View On Data Bound="Grid View1_Data Bound" and I changed the name to "on Selected Data".It gave me an error saying it couldn't load the user control.Interestingly if I look at the view source on my page when it is in edit state none of my controls appear just a table of values that would be held in the controls - is this normal?Ok but presumably I still have to resolve the problem of locating my editable controls within the Grid View before I do this, or do I need to do this first...

Paging is enabled and I have a drop down menu that changes the number of rows displayed per page.

2) How do I get the numbers to display differently for each page?

For example, on the second page it needs to say "Showing 26 - 50 of 315" Here's my code (C#): I tried that and it didn't work.

I'm confused about the ordering of events CAn you show me where tis fits in to the code I had been working on: protected void Grid View1_Row Data Bound(obj no same as before my grid changes when I click edit and I see my dropdowns etc populated with the original selections - I can change all my editable fields but when I click on Update I still get the error cannot find control DDLCategory Edit in Control Parameter Edit Category ID - my Update parameters below in case they are at fault: My apologies for such a long delay, I think I've led us on a bit of a wild goose chase.

When I set up my databound grid I hadn't called up the key identity so as soon as I started to call up row related changes of course I was running into the problems above.

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